5 Ways to Improve Apartment Building Cybersecurity

Owning and managing an apartment complex can be very difficult. Most modern apartment building owners utilize the power of technology to do things like accept rent payments, run background checks on potential tenants and exchange information with their employees. Protecting sensitive information on your network should be something you are passionate about.

Finding and addressing gaps in cybersecurity can help you avoid data hacks. Below are some effective ways you can improve apartment building cybersecurity

1. Limit Access To Sensitive Information

Over the past few years, the multi-family real estate world has witnessed the growth of proptech. This technology is designed to make managing multi-family properties easier and more secure. As you start to gather more sensitive information, your main goal needs to be to protect it.

The biggest mistake most property owners make is allowing every employee to access sensitive information on their networks. This mistake can result in information being stolen by a disgruntled employee. By limiting access to this information, you can reduce the chances of this internal attack occurring.

2. Routine Software Updates Are Crucial

If you are like most property owners, you use tons of different software to handle your day-to-day operations. The software you use will have to be updated routinely to address security and functionality issues. Knowledgeable cybercriminals can use the security holes in your outdated software to gain access to your network and steal sensitive information.

One of the best ways to make updating software easier is by investing in cloud-based programs. Cloud-based software updates automatically, which is why it is a great option for forgetful property owners.

3. Invest in a VPN For All Connections

Modern hackers use a variety of methods to gain access to sensitive information. If you and your employee use the Internet on a daily basis, having a virtual private network (VPN) enabled is important. An Internet protocol (IP) address is a unique address used to identify the location of a particular device on a network.

If hackers can identify this IP address, they can use it to hack your network. With a VPN, you can mask this address and protect your network. Masking your IP address also allows you to avoid pop-ups and tracers on the Internet.

4. Screen All On-Site Employees

One of the main things you need to keep your apartment complex running like a well-oiled machine is the right employees. When the time comes to hire new employees, you need to properly vet a person before bringing them on board. Rushing through the hiring process can result in lots of mistakes being made.

Internal cyberattacks are far more common than most business owners realize. The last thing you want is to hire an employee with a track record of carrying out these types of attacks. This is why conducting background checks and contacting an applicant’s references is a must before hiring them.

5. Improve Physical Security

swiftlaneKeeping the devices you use to collect and transfer sensitive information protected is important. The best way to accomplish this goal is by upgrading apartment building security.

Investing in high-quality intercoms and access control systems can help you increase the amount of security your apartment complex has. Companies like Swiftlane specialize in providing multi-family property owners with affordable touchless access and video intercom solutions. With their assistance, you can ramp up the level of security you have in place.

Don’t Wait To Implement These Solutions

Ignoring the need for better cybersecurity can put you and your tenants at risk. By using the tips in this article, you can improve apartment building cybersecurity.


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